Start Up Loans

If your business grows, chances are you can benefit from a financial support in the form of a business loan. The reason for that is simple – growth often means cash needs to be spent, before more cash can be received. A good-quality loan becomes very valuable to you. Depending on the nature of your business, funding may come in different forms.

Start Up Loans, a subsidiary of the British Business Bank, is a government-backed scheme designed to support businesses who struggle to access other forms of finance. We work with them and they have a national network of delivery partners who help applicants prepare a business plan and cash flow forecast, and provide ongoing mentoring. Whether you’re taking the first steps or have been trading for a while and looking to grow, a Start Up Loan can help you achieve your business goals with:

  • A loan of up to £25,000, at fixed 6 per cent interest p.a.
  • Free mentoring
  • Exclusive business offers to help your start up
  • Support with your business plan and cash flow forecast 

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